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Our mission is Venture People's Mission Statement, which is a promise we make to ourselves and to everyone who loves Venture People, including our clients and shareholders.

Venture People Co., Ltd. is a good partner and competent collaborator for all companies seeking key talents at home and abroad and the target talents.

We make it our basic mission to develop together with them by resolving various difficulties related to securing and maintaining core talent that all domestic and foreign companies face.

Accordingly, we fulfill our role so that our clients can seize new business opportunities through the medium of competent talents and expand their business in a substantial way, and make related creative human resources and educational consulting businesses as another axis of our mission.

To this end, we set an example for others through the best professionalism and world-class service, and do our best to help our customers' businesses succeed based on trust.

In promoting our work, we always move forward with an indomitable spirit of challenge and effort based on infinite creativity and vitality.

In addition, based on the corporate culture of sharing, we strive to create common values so that customers and everyone who loves Venture People can grow together beyond time and space.

We are faithful to this mission statement and do our best at every moment to become a company loved by everyone by always moving forward, constantly, and together.